VMware Acquires a New Cloud Monitoring Security Technology

Virtualization vendor VMware announced Thursday, March 18, that it has acquired Mesh7, a company specializing in cloud application and microservice security technologies. The financial component of the deal was not disclosed by the parties.

Mesh7 is known for creating a monitoring platform capable of detecting any active threats to applications. It works by collecting and correlating contextual data from APIs, public cloud and host event logs, as well as user identities and threat analysis. The solution constantly monitors all of this to detect any behavioural changes that might indicate a vulnerability or security breach in the IT environment.

Importantly for VMware, the Mesh7 software is built on Envoy’s open platform, which also underpins VMware Tanzu™ Service Mesh solution, designed to connect and protect applications and microservices in Kubernetes clusters and cloud infrastructures.

“From the outset, VMware knew Envoy would be the platform for next-generation security services,” says VMware senior vice president and general manager of networking and security Tom Gillis, whose words are quoted in the company’s blog. – The Tanzu™ Service Mesh controls the flow of data between thousands of application components, enforces security policies and measures performance, and provides other critical functions independently of the underlying infrastructure.

He said the plan is to combine Mesh7 technologies with VMware Tanzu™ Service Mesh so that customers can better understand which application components interact with each other and which APIs they use.

Gillis expressed confidence that VMware Tanzu Service Mesh and Mesh7 will be particularly attractive to developers and security teams. He said the company’s customers “will be able to better understand when, where and how applications and microservices exchange data via APIs, even in multi-cloud environments, which will improve DevSecOps.”

As SiliconANGLE Media notes, VMware’s purchase of Mesh7 comes on the back of heavy investment in the cloud application security tools market. Large IS companies are increasingly interested in such start-ups. For example, Palo Alto Networks announced in February 2021 that it had acquired Bridgecrew, an Israeli firm for automated cloud security codified for DevOps. Bridgecrew offers a platform that helps DevOps and developers teams enforce infrastructure security standards at all stages of software development.