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Is it possible to survive if you drink beer and alcoholic drinks?

When I go camping or camping with friends, I always take a few extra cans of beer with me. Yes, I drink most of this drink, but I’ll leave some just in case. When a natural disaster strikes without warning, you will likely be forced to use all the information and equipment you have. So I think you will be surprised to learn that even beer and most alcoholic beverages can be very beneficial for survival in the wild.

Most people are unaware that beer contains ingredients that are beneficial for medical and practical purposes. I’ve seen action movies where the hero suddenly grabbed a bottle of beer and poured liquid into his wound. My dad once explained that beer (or any other alcoholic beverage) kills germs and bacteria that can cause infections. In addition to sterilizing wounds, drinking plenty of beer can help you store and prepare food.

Here are some of the best reasons why you can survive if you drink a lot of beer:

1. Beer treats abdominal pain. Apparently, beer cures an upset stomach caused by indigestion. Nothing relieves an upset stomach like a good bottle of Jack Daniels! Carbonation during brewing helps kill bacteria that cause stomach problems. The only downside is that beer should not be consumed by people with peptic ulcers. Additionally, children may not like the bitter taste.

2. Beer removes stains – Surprisingly, this is true. I tried using beer to remove a very stubborn stain from one of my dresses. Of course, the stain disappeared after a few minutes. A little soda can help too, but who has a club soda when you’re lost in a sea of ​​trees?

3. Beer can be used as a meat softener. When you get lost in the woods, you’re supposed to eat raw meat and maggots. But if you have a bundle of Budweiser beers in your backpacking bag, it’s time to whip up a marinade to soften the meat. Beer somehow softens the meat and gives it a special taste. So if you want to eat deer (or even bears if you are completely lost and have the courage to fight them!), Add flavor to this meat!

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4. Beer as an antiseptic. As in the movies, beer can be used as an antiseptic. I’ve seen a lot of movies and TV shows where guys sprayed a bottle of beer or wine on their wounds, screaming and swearing in pain. It’s a great way to heal an injury if you’re trying to survive a botched hike in the woods.

5. Beer as an antidepressant. Of course, when the going gets really dark, the only thing you can do is grab a can of beer and drink your marigolds. Hey you did this trying to survive the saddest times of your life so why not use it when you are desperate to survive in the wilderness? But then again, try not to drink too much. Otherwise, you’ll be too drunk to defend yourself against animal (and human) predators.