6 Simple Tips to Grow Your Hair

Want long and healthy hair that’s the envy of Rapunzel? This post is for you.

1. Hair Oils

Yes, it’s not the easiest of procedures but it’s well worth the effort! The most important thing is to do the treatment regularly. Once or twice a week apply a small amount of castor (you can also use rosemary, burdock and linseed) oil to the hair roots before you wash your hair.

At first, you will notice that your hair will begin to grow more actively. A so-called “fuzz” of short new hairs may appear. After six months of regular washing, can you imagine how lush your hair would be?

If you notice that your hair has started to fall out, you’re probably deficient in some vitamins. Get yourself tested so you can find out what your body needs.

2. Watch Your Diet!

The way your hair, nails and skin look is directly related to what you eat! A fast-food lover and an evening snack on sweets? Your body won’t thank you for it. If you want to look good, ditch the junk food and stick to the omega 3-rich ones. Eat avocados, nuts and fish to keep your locks shiny and grow faster.

3. Massage Your Scalp

How do you reawaken dormant hair follicles? Well, you could, of course, use a scalp massage to improve circulation and stimulate your locks to grow faster. You can either do it with your hands or use a brush. It’s important to do it regularly and it won’t take long to show results!

Also, make it a habit to brush your hair several times a day, taking care to keep it root-free.

4. See a Doctor, If You Need to

If you’ve noticed that your hair is falling out at a high rate, see a doctor (this could be a trichologist or general practitioner). It’s not a good idea to try and solve the problem yourself as this could be due to a vitamin deficiency or even a hormonal imbalance. Only a professional will be able to help!

5. Update Your Haircut

Refreshing your hair without visiting a hairdresser is a trip to nowhere. It’s imperative to “freshen up” your ends so that your hair looks neat and flattering. You want beautiful, healthy-looking locks, don’t you? Long locks with split ends are not pretty for any girl.

6. Check the Lunar Calendar

The unconventional method of growing out your hair works too! Use the lunar calendar to get your hair cut on a good day! Your hair will grow back faster!

Finally, I should mention that caring for your hair really does make all the difference. Don’t skimp on caring products and try to avoid using hairdryers, curling irons and curling irons. Hairspray, foam and styling gels should also be kept to a minimum.